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Straightforward advice to help you train injury-free for the long run!
"Running Strong & Injury-Free" is a must-read for any runner or walker trying to pursue their sport injury-free. 

Running Strong & Injury-Free sheds some much needed light on the subject of injury prevention for athletes of all ages and abilities. Janet takes a common-sense approach to the subject, encouraging athletes to "train smarter, not harder". The numerous, detailed photographs depicting various stretching and strength training exercises are a big help. It is almost as if she is guiding you through the exercise in person. Her underlying philosophy is that an educated athlete is not only less likely to sustain an injury, but is better equipped to properly rehabilitate and return to training. Running Strong & Injury-Free goes a long way toward educating athletes about the underlying factors that may contribute to many common injuries. Her background in rehabilitation is evident as she takes a holistic approach to injury prevention, covering flexibility, strength, biomechanics and common training errors. This book is a must-read for any athlete who wants to train for the "long run". 

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